Savage Streets (1984)

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Savage Streets is about as fun as a rape revenge movie can be! Linda Blair and her gang of high school girls clash with a gang of bad drug dealers in Hollywood. To get back at Linda Blair the drug dealers rape her deaf sister. The rest of the movie deals with Linda Blair seeking to "make things right" as she slowly figures out who the rapists were. The movie features plenty of nudity, hilarious insults, and wild fights, and generally keeps things light hearted despite the dark undercurrents. It's a sleazy 90 minutes of fun if that's what you're in the mood for!

Savage Streets is a 1984 American vigilante action film starring Linda Blair. Directed by Danny Steinmann, the film premiered on October 5, 1984. This is one of the few non-horror films that both Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley star in.

Freddie Young of Full Moon Reviews said "Savage Streets is a film I had never seen before until now and I'm really ashamed by that because it rocked my socks off. Obviously a Death Wish ripoff, Savage Streets is perfect 80s exploitation, with nudity, over-the-top acting and dialogue, and plot elements that aren't subtle and are quite disturbing on paper."

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