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Foreign Films are movies produced in a language other than English, offering viewers diverse cultural, aesthetic, and narrative experiences. This genre includes a vast spectrum of themes and styles, reflecting the unique cultures and cinematic traditions of the countries they originate from. These films provide insights into different lifestyles and perspectives, broadening the viewer's understanding of the world. Foreign language films have contributed immensely to global cinema, continually pushing boundaries and introducing innovative storytelling techniques. The films in this section all have English language subtitles with the exception of movies in the Foreign Films With No Subtitles section, where movies are presented in their original language with no subtitles. Our sub-genres of Foreign Films are Asian Movies (including films from Japan, Korea, China, etc.), European Movies (excluding France, Germany, and Italy, which are gathered in other sub-genres), Foreign Films With No Subtitles, French Movies, German Movies, Indian Movies, Italian Movies, Russian Movies, World Cinema (movies from any country not covered in the other sub-genres).