1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)

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If you enjoy The Warriors (1979) and Escape from New York (1981), then you might get a kick out of 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982) directed by Enzo G. Castellari. While this Italian rip-off is not as good as either of those movies, it still has its share of exploitation thrills and funny moments. In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of New York's Bronx in the year 1990, our hero named Trash (Mark Gregory) heads up a motorcycle gang called The Riders. They take in Anne (Stefania Girolami) who is the heiress of The Manhattan Corporation. The corporation sends its goons to look for her, led by the vicious mercenary Hammer (Vic Morrow). Fred Williamson plays The Ogre who is the head of a rival gang. There are plenty of wacky costumes from rival gangs, along with great locations of urban decay shot in The Bronx and Brooklyn. Half the movie was shot in Rome which is obvious when Roman arches start showing up everywhere towards the end. Director Enzo G. Castellari covers the action well in Widescreen Cinemascope. A lot of the humor comes from the bad English dubbing and cheesy dialogue. Definitely see The Warriors (1979) first, and if you can't get enough of New York urban gang warfare check out 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982).

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