Blue Steel (1990)

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  •  (3.5 out of 5 stars)

One year before Kathryn Bigelow directed one of the all-time greatest action movies in Point Break (1991), she directed this strange cop thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It's strange because while its screenplay is consistently implausible and ridiculous, the movie looks like one of the best thrillers of its time. Every scene is lit to perfection with amazing blue and orange hues. It's possible Bigelow realized her talent was in directing and not as much in screenwriting, which she rarely did after this film. Jamie Lee Curtis plays rookie police officer Megan Turner, who on one of her first patrols in New York City shoots a robber (played by Tom Sizemore). Ron Silver plays a witness to the scene of the crime who for some reason steals the robber's gun. Turns out Ron Silver is a rich Wall Street trader and also a certified psychopath! The rest of the film Ron Silver haunts Jamie Lee Curtis like a horror villain as he goes on a killing spree. The lack of story logic becomes almost dreamlike as creepy Ron Silver continues to evade capture and Jamie Lee Curtis slowly loses her mind. It's a special movie that is worth seeing for Kathryn Bigelow's outstanding direction alone.

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