The Slayer (1982)

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The Slayer (also known as Nightmare Island) is a 1982 American horror film directed by J. S. Cardone. Set on a small island near the Atlantic coast, the plot concerns two couples who upon visiting the island get trapped there due to an oncoming hurricane. As one of the women knows from her plaguing nightmares that the island is dangerous, over the next three days they begin to be killed by something unseen. The film is notable for gaining notoriety and being classified in the United Kingdom as a "video nasty" in the 1980s.

The film is unique among slashers for its arthouse style ambiguity; part of the film is told out of chronological order, leaving it unclear as to which scene is the actual climax, and three mutually-exclusive interpretations of the films' events are offered, with the narrative providing evidence in favor of each.

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