Tomorrow We Live (1943)

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Tomorrow We Live (released as At Dawn We Die in the US), is a 1943 British film, directed by George King, and starring John Clements, Godfrey Tearle, Greta Gynt, Hugh Sinclair and Yvonne Arnaud.

The film was made during the Second World War, and the action is set in a small town in occupied France. It portrays the activities of members of the French Resistance and the Nazi tactic of taking and shooting innocent hostages in reprisal for acts of sabotage. The opening credits acknowledge "the official co-operation of General de Gaulle and the French National Committee".

Dorothy Hope is credited with "original story", and the storyline bears a striking similarity to her other wartime film, Candlelight in Algeria, in which an exceptionally strong heroine comes to the aid of a dashing fighter against tyranny.

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