Saints and Soldiers (2003)

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Saints and Soldiers is a 2003 faith-themed war drama film directed by Ryan Little and starring Corbin Allred, Alexander Niver, Kirby Heyborne, Lawrence Bagby, and Peter Asle Holden. It is based loosely around events taking place shortly after the Malmedy massacre during the Battle of the Bulge where four U.S. soldiers and a downed British airman need to reach Allied lines to pass on some vital intelligence. The film received mostly positive reviews. Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, released on August 17, 2012, was also directed by Little but has a plot unrelated to the 2003 film. Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is set in the days after D-Day. An example of LDS cinema from Excel Entertainment Group, the third part to the film series, Saints and Soldiers: The Void, was released to theaters on 29 August 2014. The third film deals with the very last days of WWII in Europe as American soldiers fight their way through Germany against small pockets of resistance from remnants of the German forces.

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