Fear and Desire (1953)

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Fear and Desire is a 1953 American film against war and military directed, produced, shot, and edited by Stanley Kubrick. It is Kubrick's first feature film and is also one of his least-seen productions. Fear and Desire was picked up for U.S. theatrical release by Joseph Burstyn, a distributor who specialized in the presentation of European art house titles. In an uncredited review following the New York premiere, The New York Times noted: "If Fear and Desire is uneven and sometimes reveals an experimental rather than a polished exterior, its overall effect is entirely worthy of the sincere effort put into it." Kubrick received praise for Fear and Desire from film critic and screenwriter James Agee, who reportedly took Kubrick out for a drink and told him, "There are too many good things... to call [Fear and Desire] arty."

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