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Stargate is an amalgamation of all the sci-fi adventure action films that came in the twenty years before it. Set in the desert with a big budget, director Roland Emmerich pays homage to Spielberg and George Lucas and James Cameron and just about every 80s action blockbuster. The direction and cinematography and production design are all top shelf, but the story about ancient alien civilizations is an incoherent mess. Although the sweeping score by David Arnold (which borrows heavily from John Williams) tries to the keep the drama amped up, it's hard to care for Kurt Russell or James Spader or any other characters in the movie. Decades later it's clear to see that Emmerich was never a very good storyteller, but just like Michael Bay he's usually been able to command and land a blockbuster. Stargate never lacks ambition, and seems like it can live up to its scope in the early going, before it all unravels.

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