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New Rose Hotel (1998) exists somewhere between a bad experimental student film and a sleazy direct-to-video indie drama. The movie is both sleazy and boring, without any action and minimal erotic sequences. The plot is cyberpunk, based on a William Gibson short story, but you might forget that it is sci-fi at all. Most of the movie consists of dimly lit scenes of Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe riffing back and forth about some vague corporate takeover they are plotting. Walken gives his all and is the only amusing bright spot in the film. While they hire Asia Argento as a prostitute to seduce a corporate super-genius, the plot never proceeds past that. There isn't much of a budget here for anything with poor mumbling audio and not enough lighting to see much. The sci-fi effects are limited to some hilarious late-90s texting messages. The back half of the movie proceeds to be a series of flashbacks to the first half of the movie. The film had a minuscule budget and made even less at the box office, along with bad reviews. It's a lousy movie, even by Abel Ferrara standards.

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