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The low-budget indie sci-fi movie Liquid Sky (1982) has style going for it, and not much else. The New York New Wave visuals are punctuated with colorful costumes and makeup. Beyond that, the acting is consistently bad, and the music and editing are irritating. Anne Carlisle plays dual roles as Margaret and Jimmy. Margaret vaporizes various people by bringing them to orgasm. There's plenty of drug use (mostly heroin and cocaine), and almost everyone in the movie acts drugged out. It was filmed primarily in Manhattan apartments occupied by the actors. The editing early on rapidly cuts scenes into 30-second chunks making it difficult to follow. Eventually, a vague plot emerges as Margaret dispatches one lover after another. For the ultra-low budget, the film does contain impressive visuals that might be useful as background on a TV at a bar. Watching it as a narrative film is a challenge.

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