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  •  (2 out of 5 stars)

If you're expecting a tight road thriller like The Hitcher (1986), then you'll probably be disappointed by the Australian film Road Games (1981). While the poster is great and Jamie Lee Curtis is in the film in a supporting role, most of the film involves Stacy Keach playing a truck driver who talks himself into thinking he is following a serial killer. The budget is low in this Ozploitation movie as most of the interiors of the truck are filmed on a soundstage with rear projection. The score by Brian May may sound promising, but it sounds like Maurice Ravel's Bolero and certainly doesn't fit what is happening on screen. It takes way too long for Jamie Lee Curtis's hitchhiking character to show up, and she disappears soon after. Add in plenty of bad Aussie humor and a puzzling ending, and you have a less than thrilling result.

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