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Angel (1984) shows off a sleazy slice of Hollywood Boulevard as our lead character Molly Stewart (Donna Wilkes) transforms into street prostitute Angel at night. By day she is an honor student at a private school, but her parents have left her and she needs to fend for herself. On Hollywood Boulevard we are introduced to a range of characters, including street performer Yo-Yo Charlie (Steven M. Porter), movie cowboy Kit Carson (Rory Calhoun), drag performer Mae (Dick Shawn), and a lesbian painter Solly Mosler (Susan Tyrrell). We soon learn there's a psycho killer in Hollywood offing prostitutes. John Diehl effectively plays the killer who doesn't say a word in the movie, yet convincingly portrays his creepiness by sucking a raw egg in a famous shot. Lieutenant Andrews (Cliff Gorman) encounters Angel after she finds the dead body of her friend Lana in a motel room. They work together to track down the killer with an exciting chase through Hollywood at the climax. Shot on a low budget, a lot of the scenes on Hollywood Boulevard seem to be captured with actual onlookers, adding to the realism. There's no place sleazier than Hollywood Boulevard in the 80s and this movie captures it well. The film was a modest success, and many of the same actors would return in the zany sequel Avenging Angel (1985), although the role of Angel then went to actress Betsy Russell.

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