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  •  (3 out of 5 stars)

James Woods is Cop! If you like James Woods, there's a whole lot of him in this movie as he's in basically every scene. The film does earn points for not being a conventional 80s shoot-em-up action cop movie. Based on James Ellroy's 1984 crime novel Blood on the Moon, the movie meanders as adaptations often do as James Woods goes from being a family man to a bad cop to a psychopath to a ladies man. He's investigating a potential serial killer and he's taking such a long time with his obsessive investigation that you start to think he's going insane. One minute he's screaming at his the police captain that he needs more help and the next minute he's having extended romantic liaison with Lesley Ann Warren. It's hard to say what writer/director James B. Harris is going for with his overlong police investigation. Unlike a cop thriller directed by William Friedkin, where the energetic direction matches the performance of the obsessed cop, this cop movie drags. James Woods does fully commit to the performance which holds the movie together and makes it watchable.

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