Curtains (1983)

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  •  (3.5 out of 5 stars)

Director Richard Ciupka certainly studied Italian giallo films like Suspiria (1977) before making the stylish slasher film Curtains (1983). The movie starts with an interesting premise, as Samantha Eggar plays an actress who enters an asylum to prepare for her next role as a mentally unstable woman. John Vernon plays director Jonathan Stryker, who puts her up to this insane preparation. Stryker then invites her and five other actresses to audition for the titular role of his film Audra at his mansion in the snowy Canadian countryside. Soon a sickle-wielding killer is on the loose wearing a hideous elderly lady mask. The girls start getting murdered when Stryker isn't seducing them. While certain plot threads are dropped and the ending isn't nearly as interesting as what came before it, this well directed early 80s horror movie is worth seeing for fans of slasher films.

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