March 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Free Great Movies Blog! Here's where I will be showcasing the best free movies available online and blogging about many movie related topics. I launched back in 2016 to start featuring some of the best free movies available on YouTube. I've been adding to it ever since and the site now features over 4,000 free great movies from YouTube, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Amazon Freevee, and numerous other free movie streaming sites. About half the movies are from YouTube and half the movies are from other streaming sites. I've done my best to pick out highly rated and reviewed feature-length movies from a variety of genres from throughout film history going back to the silent movies all the way up to the best new movies that are being offered for free on ad-supported streaming services.

If you've never been to the site before I'll give you a few ways to browse. First off you can browse by movie directors and movie actors with dedicated pages to some of the greatest directors and actors of all time:

Browse Free Movies by Great Movie Directors

Browse Free Movies by Great Movie Actors

I plan to add a lot more dedicated pages for popular actors and directors in the coming months. Secondly you can browse movies by decade with pages dedicated to decades from the past 110 years of cinema:

Free Movies from the 2010s

Free Movies from the 2000s

Free Movies from the 1990s

Free Movies from the 1980s

Free Movies from the 1970s

Free Movies from the 1960s

Free Movies from the 1950s

Free Movies from the 1940s

Free Movies from the 1930s

Free Movies from the 1920s

Free Movies from the 1910s

Personally my favorite decades for movies are the 70s, 80s, and 90s so a lot of the blog posts here will be dedicated to movies from those years. But I have a huge love for classic cinema as well, and I view many, many contemporary films that I love to talk about. Because more movies from the 20th century are available for free that's really the focus of the site. So you're not gonna find the latest Marvel movies streaming here. Sorry! :)

Lastly, a way you can browse is by Genre and Subgenre. The site currently has 10 genres with about 60 subgenres you can browse. Here are the ten main genres you can browse with their subgenres on the pages:

Free Action Movies

Free Comedy Movies

Free Documentaries

Free Drama Movies

Free Foreign Films

Free Horror Movies

Free Independent Films

Free Movies from Other Movie Genres (Just a hodgepodge of other subgenres like animated movies, musicals, etc.)

Free Science Fiction Movies

Free Thriller Movies

So those are some ways to browse And you can always search for movies at the top of every page.

There's also a movie clips section that I will be expanding greatly in the coming year which features some other greatest movies clips of all time, along with behind the scenes clips, trailers, short films, and more. You can find all of those sections right here:

Browse Movie Clips

I do my best to keep the site updated. Movie rights are always changing as movies come and go on different platforms, but I try to keep the pages updated and remove movies when they are no longer free. I also pledge to keep adding new movies to the site as more movies become free. You can browse our recently added movies here:

Browse Recently Added Movies

And you can browse the most popular movies throughout our site on this page:

Browse Most Popular Movies

And if you just want to view a giant laundry list of every single movie on the site there's a page for that too:

Free Online Movie List

So plenty of ways to browse around. I also write short reviews of the free movies I've seen and will be adding new reviews regularly to the blog and to the movie pages. Ultimately the goal of the site is to share my love of movies with the widest audience possible. Everybody loves great movies and everybody loves free stuff so I've tried to combine those things!

I am based in Los Angeles, California so the site is United States focused. For instance the rights to certain movies might not be available to those outside of the U.S. and certain free movie sites like Tubi TV may not be available in your country. But a lot of the movies I feature on YouTube are available worldwide.

So that's a little introduction to the blog and the website. Please bookmark our site and keep coming back. You can also follow us on Instagram:

@theegreatmovies on Instagram

And I'll be adding more movies and movie-related videos to our YouTube channel eventually too:

Free Great Movies on YouTube

Thanks for checking the site out and feel free to reach out to us if you've got any comments, questions, or suggestions for our site. Email us at

Looking forward to blogging and helping you discover more great movies that you can watch for free!