May 29, 2023

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I've added new descriptions now to our movie genre pages for our 10 movie genres and their 62 movie sub-genres. These descriptions will help you find the genre you're looking for and what to expect in the movies that are categorized there. In this blog post, I'll just list our 10 main movie genre descriptions, and you can click them to further explore the sub-genres and their descriptions. You can start browsing all of our movie genres here:

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Here are our 10 main movie genre descriptions to help you find the right movie you're in the mood for:

1. Action Movies

Action Movies are characterized by movies with high-energy, dynamic sequences that emphasize suspenseful situations and physical confrontations. These films often feature elements such as intense fight scenes, daring chases, explosions, and other forms of violence. They often involve heroic figures, sometimes with special skills or equipment, who must overcome a series of escalating challenges. The narrative tends to be fast-paced, driving the story through spectacular visuals and high-octane thrills. Sub-genres of Action Movies on our site include Adventure Movies, Crime & Gangster Movies, Martial Arts Movies, Modern Action Movies, Sports Movies, War Movies, and Western Movies.

2. Comedy Movies

Comedy Movies elicit laughter from the audience through dialogue, physical antics, comedic situations, or a combination of these. Characters in comedy movies often find themselves in absurd, exaggerated, or improbable circumstances, and much of the humor is based on how they deal with these situations. The genre can range from light-hearted slapstick to sophisticated satires and dark comedies. Comedy sub-genres on our site include Classic Comedy Movies (typically pre-1960 comedies), Dark Comedy Movies, Modern Comedy Movies (generally post-1960 comedies), Romantic Comedies, Stand Up Comedy Movies, and Teen Comedy Movies.

3. Documentaries

The documentary film is a type of non-fiction filmmaking that seeks to capture reality and present factual content in an educational manner. Documentaries aim to inform viewers about a real-life topic, event, person, or issue, intending to provide a detailed examination or create awareness about the subject matter. The genre spans a wide range of topics, including history, science, nature, politics, and more. Depending on the filmmaker's approach, documentaries can either maintain a neutral perspective or advocate for a specific point of view or cause. Their presentation ranges from observational, where the filmmaker attempts to be a "fly on the wall," to expository, which often involves narration and a clear point of view. Documentaries aim to engage, educate, and sometimes provoke thought or action from their audience. Sub-genres of Documentaries on our site are Arts & Entertainment Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, Documentaries about Cinema, History Documentaries, Political Documentaries, Science & Nature Documentaries, Social Issue Documentaries, and War Documentaries.

4. Drama Movies

Drama Movies encompass a broad spectrum of films primarily focused on the in-depth development of realistic characters, complex narratives, and emotionally-driven scenarios. These films often tackle significant societal, personal, or existential themes and provoke introspection and contemplation. Drama movies can cover a wide range of topics, from romantic relationships to historical events. The sub-genres of Drama Movies on our site are Biography Movies, Classic Drama Movies (generally pre-1960), Film Adaptations, Historical Movies, Modern Drama Movies (generally post-1960), Romance Movies, and Social Drama Movies.

5. Foreign Films

Foreign Films are movies produced in a language other than English, offering viewers diverse cultural, aesthetic, and narrative experiences. This genre includes a vast spectrum of themes and styles, reflecting the unique cultures and cinematic traditions of the countries they originate from. These films provide insights into different lifestyles and perspectives, broadening the viewer's understanding of the world. Foreign language films have contributed immensely to global cinema, continually pushing boundaries and introducing innovative storytelling techniques. The films in this section all have English language subtitles with the exception of movies in the Foreign Films With No Subtitles section, where movies are presented in their original language with no subtitles. Our sub-genres of Foreign Films are Asian Movies (including films from Japan, Korea, China, etc.), European Movies (excluding France, Germany, and Italy, which are gathered in other sub-genres), Foreign Films With No Subtitles, French Movies, German Movies, Indian Movies, Italian Movies, Russian Movies, World Cinema (movies from any country not covered in the other sub-genres).

6. Horror Movies

Horror Movies are a cornerstone of cinema that aims to elicit fear and dread. Horror cinema has its roots in classic literature and folklore filled with tales of monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural elements. Horror films often explore humanity's deepest fears and anxieties, presenting them in symbolic and explicit ways. From supernatural phenomena to slashers, the horror genre uses various techniques to evoke fear and thrill in its viewers. The horror sub-genres on our site are Classic Horror Movies (generally pre-1960), Modern Horror Movies (generally post-1960), Monster Movies, Slasher Films, Supernatural Movies, and Zombie Movies.

7. Independent Films

Independent Films, referred to as "indie films," are movies that are produced outside the major film studio system. These films are distinguished by their creative vision and are crafted on a significantly smaller budget than mainstream studio films. Independent filmmakers generally have a higher degree of control over their projects, allowing for more unconventional narrative styles and outrageous content. Over time, the success of many indie films has influenced mainstream cinema, leading to an increased blend of indie and mainstream sensibilities in contemporary filmmaking. The independent films on our site date back to the low-budget B-movies and exploitation films, and also include more modern experimental films and arthouse movies. Our sub-genres of Independent Films are Arthouse Films, B Movies, Cult Movies, Experimental Films, and Exploitation Films.

8. Other Movie Genres

Our Other Movie Genres section contains movies in prominent genres that aren't sub-genres of our other movie genres. The sub-genres in this section include Animated Movies, Family Movies, Musical Movies, Religious Movies, and Silent Movies. Some of the movies here may crossover into other genres, but we assigned them to these sub-genres as we felt they are primarily from these sub-genres.

9. Science Fiction Movies

Science Fiction Movies, often abbreviated as Sci-Fi, encompass films that explore imaginative and speculative concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, and extraterrestrial life. These films project current scientific theories and societal issues into the future or onto other worlds to explore potential outcomes. The genre's visual style is marked by futuristic or fantastic settings, advanced technology, and special effects, offering a distinctive viewing experience. The science fiction sub-genres on our site are Alien Movies, Apocalyptic Movies, Classic Sci Fi Movies (generally pre-1970), Fantasy Movies, and Modern Sci Fi Movies (generally post-1970).

10. Thriller Movies

Thriller Movies are characterized by excitement, suspense, tension, and high stakes. These films are designed to keep the audience on the edge of their seat, with a complex, twisting plot full of surprises, unexpected turns, and suspenseful moments. Thrillers involve elements of crime, mystery, or espionage, and center around a protagonist who becomes entangled in dangerous or threatening circumstances. Director Alfred Hitchcock is "The Master of Suspense" and in many ways the inventor of the genre. Thrillers became increasingly popular in the late 20th century and are still a beloved genre to this day.

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