The Forbidden Dance (1990)

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  •  (3 out of 5 stars)

When the producing duo of Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan split up in 1989, Globus stayed with Cannon Films and Golan became the head of the 21st Century Film Corporation. The two producers went head to head, releasing two lambada themed movies on the same day of March 16, 1990! Globus utilized the considerable talents of director Joel Silberg (Breakin'), and actor and choreographer Adolfo "Shabba-doo" Quinones (Breakin') to create the film Lambada (1990). While Golan produced a sleazier and inferior film called The Forbidden Dance (1990) starring former Miss USA Laura Harring (best known for her role in Mulholland Drive). Both films feature far too little lambada dancing, but The Forbidden Dance really suffers from not having good choreography and a lead actor in Jeff James who can neither act nor dance. The Forbidden Dance has its surreal moments mostly taking place in a club/brothel called Xtasy. But it gets dragged down by a "save the rainforest" message which our lead girl Nisa is championing for her home village in Brazil. Actor Sid Haig has some hilarious moments as a Brazilian witch doctor. Both films were critically panned, but Globus's Lambada remains the slightly superior film in terms of production value, dancing, and music.

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