RiffTrax: A Talking Cat!?! (2019)

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At long last, the movie with more punctuation than basic logical coherence, it’s A Talking Cat!?!

Who is the Cat who Talks? None other than Eric Roberts! Director David DeCoteau (who directed the movie under the alias Mary Crawford, can’t imagine why) famously admitted that Eric Roberts recorded all of his lines in 15 minutes in his own living room. Which you’d never believe, hearing him in the movie! Because it sounds much worse than that, like he’s speaking from inside a tin can deep in a garbage truck in another dimension. Or maybe Eric Roberts’ living room IS a tin can deep in a garbage truck in another dimension? We may never know.

There’s way too much good weird madness going on in A Talking Cat!?! to unpack in this blurb. But basically, he’s a cat sent by some mystic force with a magic collar that allows him to speak out loud, but only once to any given person, and always in a sarcastic tone of voice. He also thinks in a sarcastic tone of voice, like Garfield, but it takes a while to figure out when he’s talking and when he’s just thinking. Also, he’s there to set up a tech millionaire with a single mom who’s a caterer. Her catering business is apparently based 100% on her “top notch” cheese puffs. She’s all about cheese puffs, and you will never find a movie where the phrase “cheese puffs” comes up more often. Cheese puffs should honestly be mentioned in the title.

And that’s just the beginning. This dish of lasagna just gets weirder with every layer you pull back. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for this insane riff of A Talking Cat!?!, which they may or may not have recorded in Eric Roberts’ living room.

(Summary from Wikipedia)

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