California Dreaming (1979)

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  •  (3 out of 5 stars)

In the mood for a sleazy 70s summer surfing movie? Look no further than California Dreaming. Our nerdy hero is named T.T. (Dennis Christopher) and he has just moved to the California beach from Chicago with a trumpet in his hand. Duke (Seymour Cassel) takes T.T. under his wing and teaches him the ways of playing volleyball and getting chicks. Soon T.T. is smoking a joint and hanging out with surfer dudes. Tanya Roberts shows up as Stephanie and has a weird subplot with her jerk boyfriend. In the end T.T. gets laid and Duke has a slow motion massive heartache playing volleyball. There's plenty of beach babes and boobs in the interim. Seymour Cassel is definitely the acting highlight of the film. California Dreaming is arguably better than Hardbodies (1984).

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