Mulberry (1986)

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Mulberry is a 1986 South Korean erotic drama film directed by Lee Doo-yong. Based on the eponymous classic story by Na Do-hyang, the film became known for its erotic subject matter, made possible by the government's gradual relaxation of censorship and control over the film industry during the 1980s. It was part of the wave of "Folk erotic" films that had become popular in South Korea at this time.

Essentially a melodramic sex-farce, Lee Young-il, in his History of Korean Cinema (1988) points out that the film "depicts the agony of life under Japanese rule through sexual jests." Min, et al. write that the film symbolically shows that, with the husband gone to work with the Independence Movement, there was not much else going on in small villages during the Japanese Occupation but sex.

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