Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

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  •  (3.5 out of 5 stars)

Leaving Las Vegas is a deeply 90s independent movie! It's really an art house showcase for Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue to show off their acting skills. Cage's performance holds up well and was a lot funnier than anticipated. Shue's performance on the other hand doesn't hold up as well because she's not a very good dramatic actress when it comes to portraying realism which this movie calls for. As you probably know the premise, an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter played by Nic Cage goes to Vegas to drink himself to death and along the way falls in love with a hooker played by Elisabeth Shue. The film meanders along with a ton of trumpet-based lounge music (scored by director Mike Figgis himself) and they get way too much mileage out of three jazz standards performed by Sting. Mike Figgis's direction is solid throughout as Vegas looks beautiful on the Super 16mm film that this movie was shot on. A must see for fans of Nic Cage and 90s independent cinema.

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