Foxy Brown (1974)

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  •  (4 out of 5 stars)

Foxy Brown was initially intended to be a Coffy (1973) sequel and it certainly works as one. Early on in the film, Pam Grier as Foxy Brown is asked by her boyfriend, "Vigilante justice?" and she replies, "It's as American as apple pie!" After her boyfriend is killed, Foxy is out for revenge. She infiltrates the drug syndicate that killed him by posing as a prostitute. The plot is a little slow going in the first half until Foxy is identified and sent off to "the ranch". There some rednecks dope her up with heroin and rape her, and then her rampage of vengeance begins starting with burning them alive. Then with the help of the local Black Panthers, Foxy takes on the drug syndicate and the movie becomes violently thrilling until the end. Foxy Brown features an excellent soundtrack by Willie Hutch, with a stellar theme song over one of the coolest opening credit sequences in movie history.

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