Coffy (1973)

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  •  (4 out of 5 stars)

The film that made Pam Grier a blaxploitation superstar! Pam Grier as Coffy explodes onto the scene blowing away criminals with a sawed-off shotgun from the opening sequence. It's Grier's movie as she uses her body as a weapon to lure criminals in and then get revenge. Her sister is addicted to drugs and her cop boyfriend is killed. Coffy determines that the whole damn system is corrupt and decides to inflict vengeance on any criminal she can get her hands on. Posing as a Jamaican prostitute she infiltrates the seedy world of a drug-dealing pimp named King George (Robert DoQui). She quickly gets into the trouble with the gang, wrestling the other prostitutes and being captured by a vicious henchman played by Sid Haig. But Coffy quickly turns the table on them, killing off the henchmen, the pimp, the mob boss, and even a crooked politician. Violent and sexy, with Coffy showing plenty of skin to entice her victims, writer/director Jack Hill pulls no punches in this hard-hitting vigilante tale. The film features a classic blaxploitation soundtrack by Roy Ayers with a great theme song called "Coffy Is the Color" over the opening credits.

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