Best Worst Movie (2010)

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Best Worst Movie is an American documentary film about making the 1990 horror film Troll 2 and its subsequent recent resurgence as a cult film. Directed by Michael Stephenson, the child star of Troll 2, the film debuted March 14, 2009.

After completing and watching Troll 2, Stephenson became embarrassed by the movie. However, thanks to Myspace, he began to realize that the film had gained a cult following and was often listed as of various favorite movies of users on the site. According to Stephenson, the turning point came in April 2006 stating "'I woke up one morning with a really warm feeling and I was smiling ear to ear. I was next to my wife and I said, "I am the child star of the worst movie ever made�there's a story here'"

Not all participants in Troll 2 were as eager as Stephenson to revisit the movie. Stephenson noted that he had trouble convincing actors Don Packard and Connie Young to be included in the project, although he was eventually able to convince both to appear in it.

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