The Doll Squad (1973)

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The Doll Squad is a 1973 low-budget action film Z movie by Feature-Faire that was later re-released under the title Seduce and Destroy. Directed, edited, co-written and co-produced by Ted V. Mikels, it features Francine York, Michael Ansara, John Carter, Anthony Eisley, Leigh Christian and Tura Satana. Mikels claimed he filmed it for a total cost of $256,000.

This film may have been the inspiration for the Charlie's Angels television series. Aaron Spelling, who later produced the television series, was invited to the premiere of this movie, and the lead member of the squad was named Sabrina, just as in Charlie's Angels. Quentin Tarantino has cited the film as an influence on his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in his film Kill Bill.