OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009)

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OSS 117: Lost in Rio, in the original French OSS 117: Rio ne repond plus (literally "OSS 117: Rio doesn't respond anymore", a reference to the 1930s film F.P.1 antwortet nicht) is a 2009 French comedy film directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It is a parody of the spy film genre. The film follows the exploits of a French secret agent, OSS 117, in Brazil in 1967. This film is a sequel to the 2006 film OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. As with Nest of Spies, the film is inspired by the novels written by Jean Bruce, and the humor is based in part on the prejudices of de La Bath, especially his clumsiness in dealing with matters of race, religion, and gender roles.

(Summary from Wikipedia)