Lady in White (1988)

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  •  (3 out of 5 stars)

There might be a good cut of this movie if you took out at least a half hour of scenes, but as it is it's an overlong series of strung together subplots and set pieces that don't form much coherence until the end. We're in 1962 upstate New York and there are ghosts roaming around and a serial killer on the loose and an Italian family drama and a corrupt courtroom drama happening. The special effects throughout the movie are impressive and so is director Frank LaLoggia's visual style, but it's not enough to keep your attention without a coherent story. Finally in the last half hour our boy hero played by Lukas Haas identifies the serial killer and they fight to the end with an impressive cliff's edge climax. But you had to wait a long time to get there, and you wonder whether it was worth the effort.

(Summary from Wikipedia)