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With stellar visuals and killer songs by the rock band Queen, Highlander has become a cult film over the years. Our lead character Connor MacLeod, a 16th-century immortal born in Scotland, is played by Christopher Lambert. The fact that Lambert couldn't speak any English when he was cast in the film helps to explain his bizarre line deliveries. His strange performance is countered with Clancy Brown's magnificent performance as The Kurgan, who is MacLeod's nemesis. Sean Connery also has a brief performance as Juan Sanchez-Villalobos Ramirez, an immortal who trains Connor MacLeod in the ways of immortals. Because MacLeod lives forever, we are transitioning in the movie between 16th-century Scotland and modern day New York City. It's probably an overly ambitious script for a sword fighting adventure movie, but the visuals hold up well along with the scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Director Russell Mulcahy got his start in beautiful 1980s music videos and it shows. Michael Kamen composed the score (which includes the riff to the New Line Cinema logo) and Queen wrote the songs including the ethereal power ballad "Who Wants to Live Forever".

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