The Crucible (1996)

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The Crucible is a 1996 American historical drama film written by Arthur Miller adapting his 1953 play of the same title, inspired by the Salem witchcraft trials. It was directed by Nicholas Hytner and stars Daniel Day-Lewis as John Proctor, Winona Ryder as Abigail Williams, Paul Scofield as Judge Thomas Danforth, Bruce Davison as Reverend Parris, Joan Allen as Elizabeth Proctor, and Karron Graves as Mary Warren. Much of the filming took place on Hog Island in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Despite the film's lackluster box office performance, Arthur Miller was nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and Joan Allen received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The performances of Day-Lewis, Scofield, and Ryder were also the subjects of critical praise.

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