Something for the Boys (1944)

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Something for the Boys is a 1944 musical comedy Technicolor film. The movie starred Carmen Miranda. Supporting players included Michael O'Shea, Vivian Blaine, Phil Silvers, Sheila Ryan and Perry Como.

Written by Robert Ellis, Helen Logan and Frank Gabrielson, the script is based on an eponymous Broadway musical, starring Ethel Merman with Cole Porter's songs. The plot goes on in the Second World War, where three cousins who did not know, discover who inherited an abandoned mansion. Chiquita Hart, played by Carmen Miranda, Harry (Phil Silvers) and Blossom (Vivian Blaine) leave their jobs, and decide to reform the place and rent it for military spouses who are in the war front, combining the hostel service to performers shows. The actress Judy Holliday, who six years later won an Oscar for best actress for Born Yesterday, makes an brief appearance in this film.

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