Invaders from Mars (1953)

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Invaders from Mars is a 1953 American science fiction film independently produced by Edward L. Alperson Jr., directed by William Cameron Menzies, and developed from a scenario by Richard Blake that was based on a story treatment by John Tucker Battle, who was inspired by a dream recounted by his wife. The film stars Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Morris Ankrum, Leif Erickson, Hillary Brooke and was distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.

Invaders from Mars is notable for being the first feature film to show aliens and their spacecraft in color. It was rushed into production to be in theaters before George Pal's War of the Worlds (also 1953).

Awakened by a loud thunderstorm, young David MacClean witnesses a bright flying saucer disappear underground in the large sand pit behind his home. When his father goes to investigate, he returns a changed man; soon David's mother, a young neighbor girl, and others begin to act the same way. While begging the police for help, David's panicked story is overheard by Dr. Pat Blake; she takes him to astronomer Dr. Stuart Kelston. After listening to the boy's detailed account, he is convinced: This is an invading vanguard, likely from Mars. Dr. Kelston alerts his contact at the Pentagon, who then marshals U.S. Army forces to investigate the alien threat.

Critic Patrick Legare wrote of the film: "Originating during the science-fiction/Red-Scare boom of the '50s, Invaders From Mars is an entertaining little picture that holds up reasonably well." Film historian Paul Meehan considered Invaders from Mars as "... one of the best of the 50s invasion cycle.", and "in hindsight", was one of the most influential of the period, setting the scene for other "abduction films".

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