The Royal Bed (1931)

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The Royal Bed is a 1931 American Pre-Code American satirical comedy film produced by William LeBaron and distributed through RKO. The film was directed by and starred Lowell Sherman, along with Mary Astor and Anthony Bushell. The screenplay was adapted by J. Walter Ruben based on the 1928 play by Robert E. Sherwood titled The Queen's Husband. It would be one of a handful of RKO pictures which was produced in both English and French language versions.

Photoplay complimented the plot, dialogue and acting, calling it a "fine talkie," while The Modern Screen Magazine said it was "... an amusing story ...". The Film Daily lauded the directing and the acting, stating that the film was an "Excellent satirical comedy", and said "The subtle but sure-fire humor of Lowell Sherman and the superb acting of Nance O'Neil are the outstanding features of this fine production". The magazine also complimented the French version of the play. Motion Picture Magazine liked the picture, calling it "Clever Satire - Cleverly Done", and they especially enjoyed Sherman's acting.

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