Two Moon Junction (1988)

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After Zalman King wrote the screenplay for 9 1/2 Weeks (1986), he made his directorial debut with Two Moon Junction (1988). In this bizarre erotic thriller, rich heiress April Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) falls for a carny named Perry (Richard Tyson). The problem with their steamy love affair is that April is engaged to be married in a few weeks. There's genuine chemistry between April and Perry, but it's still not quite believable that she'd become obsessed with a poor drifter who works on a carnival. Zalman King seems to have learned a lot from director Adrian Lyne, adding plenty of steam and fog to his compositions, and the sultry score by Jonathan Elias adds to the passion. But there aren't many thrills as supporting performances by Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives, and Kristy McNichol add little to the plot. It's by no means a classic erotic thriller, but for fans of the genre it does have its moments.

Two Moon Junction is a 1988 American erotic thriller romance film written and directed by Zalman King and starring Sherilyn Fenn and Richard Tyson. The original music score is composed by Jonathan Elias. The film is noted for the final film appearances of Burl Ives and Hervé Villechaize, as well as the theatrical film debut of Milla Jovovich.

Zalman King said he cast Tyson because "I was looking for someone who was a teen idol. And he did have it in that movie, I thought. It was one of the few times that I could see his beauty, because I love the way his face looked. When I met him he was a football player and he was very beefy and drank a lot of beer. And I asked him to please lose weight and he did, and for that amount of time I thought he was very, very attractive... [His character] is out of a romance novel... It was romance, although not much of a plot, and that's what I needed: someone who was bold and strong, and was cut and ripped, and he had charm. I don't think he was everybody's cup of tea, 100%, but I thought he fit quite well."

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