Fanny and Alexander (1982)

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Fanny and Alexander is a 1982 Swedish drama film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. The plot focuses on two siblings and their large family in Uppsala, Sweden in the 1900s. It was originally conceived as a four-part TV movie and cut in that version, spanning 312 minutes; a 188-minute cut version was created later for cinematic release, although this version was in fact the one to be released first. The TV version has since been released as a one-part film, and both versions have been shown in theaters throughout the world. The 312-minute cut of the film ranks it among one of the longest cinematic films in history.

Fanny and Alexander opened to wide acclaim. It is regarded as a late masterpiece by Bergman. The film won four Academy Awards in 1984 and was nominated in six categories including Best Director (Ingmar Bergman) and Best foreign language film (won).

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