A Royal Scandal (1945)

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A Royal Scandal, also known as Czarina, is a 1945 film about the love life of Russian Empress (Czarina) Catherine the Great. It stars Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Coburn, Anne Baxter, and William Eythe. The film was based on the play Die Zarin (The Czarina) by Lajos Biro and Melchior Lengyel.

Ernst Lubitsch was the initial director, but fell ill and had to be replaced by Otto Preminger. However, Lubitsch directed the rehearsals, and he worked with Edwin Justus Mayer in the scripting process. A Royal Scandal is a remake of Lubitsch's silent film A Forbidden Paradise. All of the scenes were developed under Lubitsch. So it is considered a "Lubitsch film".