Lili Taylor Regis Dialogue with B. Ruby Rich (2011)

Dubbed the "first lady of the indie cinema" by Variety and "irreplaceable" by Roger Ebert, actress Lili Taylor has helped shape the American independent film movement. During a career encompassing nearly 40 films as well as notable TV shows and plays, she has worked with today's most innovative independent directors, from Abel Ferrara and Emir Kusturica to Robert Altman and Nancy Savoca. From the start, Taylor would only accept roles she believed inócompelling characters in films with a measure of artistic integrity. As critics endlessly debate the definition of "independent film," her work embodies the spirit of the term with an astonishing range and vitality. Taylor and film critic/cultural theorist B. Ruby Rich illustrate their discussion about the actress' creative process and career with clips from her films.

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